Cell-based Anti-aging Therapeutics
Cell-based Anti-aging Therapeutics
Designing Cures for Age-related Disease
  • Reprogamming Cells
     to Fight Cellular Aging

    Our 4-pronged scientific research approach utilizes cutting edge technology
     to fight age related disorders. 


Medicine is the prevention of disease, which has extended lifespans dramatically in the last century. 

We plan to go further.

 In simplest terms; we will turn old cells back into young cells.

Humans are at a key moment in history in which we finally have all of the tools and understanding needed to dramatically extend lifespan.


Utilizing cutting edge Biotechnology approaches and our proprietary molecular tools, we will produce cell-based products that utilize induced "pluri-potency" in specific tissues to target vascular disease, heart disease, age related dermal papillae loss (aging skin), and numerous other age related disorders.


We are currently seeking investors and scientists who see aging as the primary issue of our time and are  working to rapidly advance anti-aging therapeutic technologies. 

Our approach is versatile. We therefore offer our key investors direct input on the selection of age related disorders that we will develop therapeutics for.

Current seed funding sits at $1 million and includes investors from technology business owners to molecular biologists. We need to reach $10 million to purchase equipment and fill our staffing needs for the first 4 years.