Cell-based Anti-aging Therapeutics
Cell-based Anti-aging Therapeutics
Designing Cures for Age-related Disease

Foundational Journal Articles in the Aging Field

Below are revolutionary articles that have provided key insights into the mechanisms underlying aging and the methods for reversing the aging process at the tissue and organismal levels. These studies clearly demonstrate that an end to aging is rapidly approaching. They have built a foundation that helped us identify the final piece required to complete the molecular puzzle that is aging.

induced Pluripotency

The Nobel prize winning discovery in which 4 proteins could be used to turn adult cells into stem cells. This work laid the foundation for stem cell science.  

Increasing Lifespan

Groups demonstrate that inducing pluripotency for short periods of time can extend lifespan in mice without causing cancer. 

Immortality Explained

The mechanisms behind the immortality of the water dwelling hydra are mapped.

Editing Skin Cells

Researchers and clinicians demonstrate that gene editing can be used to grow healthly skin and the skin can be transplanted successfully in patients.

Our Contribution

These studies have proven the feasibility of creating young tissue and extending lifespan. But something is still missing or scientists would have announced the road to immortality has been found. Our tool is that missing piece.

Scientific Development Plan

Our goal is to use proven technologies to turn old cells into young cells to extend health and lifespan. If the information below is a bit technical, feel free to visit our contact page and ask a question. We are always ready to talk about aging science!


Our Bioinformaticians utilize gene expression databases from the National Center of Biotechnology Information including the Gene Expression Omnibus, the GTEX portal, and single cell sequencing to identify cell-type specific markers.

Gene Cassette Design & Development

Our Molecular Biologists employ the data identified by our Bioinformaticians to design gene cassettes containing factors that can induce pluri- or multi-potency, and our proprietary biotechnology tool, to target specific cells.
induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (iPSC’s)
Adapting to the specific needs of the desired age-related disorder; our Cell Biologists collect adult cells from patients, transfect them to induce pluri- or multi-potency, grow them in vitro, add our technology, and then transplant them back into patients.

Alternatively, with tissues not appropriate for in vitro therapies, our teams design in-vivo delivery methods.

Vector Development

Molecular Biologists in our vector department design and develop vectors (or outsource production after design – depending on special needs) to produce a tissue specific delivery mechanism for our gene cassettes.